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Moving into a new cultural environment and having to cope with a different language, notwithstanding the need to learn the local ways of doing business, meeting day-to-day necessities, and handling official channels, are quite a challenge.
Foreign companies need to ensure that their expatriate employees settle in quickly in order that they may take up their responsibilities and focus on their objectives at the earliest opportunity. They therefore need a complete, efficient and professional relocation service to relieve their incoming staff of unnecessary stress and time-consuming formalities.
Relocation services cover a wide range of subjects where expatriates require support. These may be summarised as follows:
1) Pre-arrival; Careful identification of all the individual needs of expatriates in order to ensure timely preparation of support services and smooth operation of relocation process.
2) Temporary accommodation; Identification of hotel or other temporary residential facilities before search for permanent accommodation.
3) Customs clearance; Assistance in organising customs clearance for household goods, furniture and personal belongings accompanying expatriates into Turkey.
4) Welcome; Greeting of expatriates on their arrival in Turkey and transfer to hotel.
5) Orientation; Introductory presentation and organisation of city tour to familiarise expatriates with their new environment.
6) Home search; Assistance with the support of reputable estate agencies to identify and view a wide selection of rental property.
7) Home decoration and furnishing; Assistance with the procurement of home decoration services and purchasing of furniture and home textiles.
8) Utilities; Assistance in organising telephone, internet, cable TV, natural gas, electricity, water, and alarm systems connections, and contacting administrator of the apartment block or residential complex for sharing use of concierge and other social and sports  facilities services.
9) Domestic services; Assistance in the procurement of maids, cleaners, gardeners, nannies, nurses and other home help.
10) School search; Identification of and introduction to international schools in accordance with the individual needs and means of the expatriate family.
11) Social and cultural; Assistance for finding Turkish language and art courses, sports clubs, and social networking forums.
12) Departure; Assistance in finalising rental and utility contracts, subscriptions, and organising of final cleaning and transfer of property to the landlord, and also in packaging and moving of household goods, furniture and personal belongings to expatriates’ next destination.
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