04/06/2024 Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) holiday is extended to 9 days from June 15th
03/05/2024 Turkey halts trade with Israel over Gaza war
01/04/2024 Turkey’s opposition achieves stunning victory in local elections
26/02/2024 The holy month of Ramadan will start on Monday March 11th
03/02/2024 Fatih Karahan replaces Hafize Gaye Erkan as governor of Turkish Central Bank
07/12/2023 Turkish and Greek leaders meet in Athens
30/10/2023 Turkey celebrates the centenary of the founding of the Turkish Republic
06/09/2023 Flash floods create havoc in Turkey
12/07/2023 President Erdoğan looks to warming relations with the West
11/07/2023 Turkish President agrees to allow Sweden to join NATO
07/07/2023 Turkey introduces wide range of tax increases
08/06/2023 Hafize Gaye Erkan replaces Şahap Kavcıoğlu as governor of Turkish Central Bank
07/06/2023 Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) holiday is extended to 9 days from June 24th
04/06/2023 New Economy Minister Mehmet Şimşek is Turkey’s best hope for economic recovery
03/06/2023 President Erdoğan announces new Cabinet ministers
28/05/2023 Erdoğan wins election run-off to remain as Turkey’s president
15/05/2023 Erdoğan ahead in 1st round of Turkey’s presidential elections
15/03/2023 Flash floods hit Turkish cities of Şanlıurfa and Adiyaman
10/03/2023 Turkish President Erdoğan calls Turkish elections for May 14th, 2023
06/03/2023 Turkey’s opposition names Kılıcdaroğlu as presidential candidate
03/03/2023 The holy month of Ramadan will start on Thursday March 23rd
28/02/2023 Aftermath of Turkey’s devastating earthquakes
06/02/2023 Two powerful earthquakes hit the south of Turkey
18/08/2022 Erdoğan meets Zelensky and Guterres at summit in Lviv, Ukraine
28/06/2022 Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) holiday starts on July 9th
03/06/2022 UN changes the Republic of Turkey’s name to “Türkiye”
22/03/2022 The holy month of Ramadan will start on Saturday April 2nd
18/03/2022 Turkey opens magnificent suspension bridge linking Europe and Asia
11/03/2022 Russian Ukrainian conflict means more hardship for Turkish economy
25/01/2022 Snow halts flights at Istanbul Airport and closes motorways
24/01/2022 Turkey limits electricity use for industry due to Iran’s cut in natural gas supplies
04/01/2022 Turkey enters new year with punishing price rises
02/12/2021 Turkish Finance Minister Lütfi Elvan replaced by Nurreddin Nebati
23/11/2021 Turkish lira plummets to over TL 13 to the US dollar
01/11/2021 Erdoğan meets Biden at G20 summit meeting in Rome
16/08/2021 Flood death toll hits 71 in Turkey with 47 still missing
12/08/2021 Floods kill 17 in Turkey’s Black Sea region
05/08/2021 Wildfires continue to rage across Turkey
30/07/2021 Wildfires rage throughout southern Turkey for three days
17/07/2021 Flash floods again strike Turkey’s Rize and Artvin provinces
13/07/2021 Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) holiday starts on July 20th
14/06/2021 Turkish and US Presidents meet at Nato summit
27/04/2021 Turkey announces 17-day "full lockdown" from April 29 to curb COVID spread
22/04/2021 Turkish trade minister is replaced after nepotism accusation
09/04/2021 The holy month of Ramadan will start on Monday April 13th
06/04/2021 Turkey and EU discuss differences at high-level meeting
02/04/2021 Third wave of pandemic creates new record in cases in Turkey
20/03/2021 Turkish Central Bank governor Naci Ağbal replaced by Şahap Kavcıoğlu
29/12/2020 Turkey signs free trade agreement with UK
14/12/2020 Turkey faced with sanctions from both America and Europe
26/11/2020 Turkey publishes COVID-19 daily cases for first time
12/11/2020 Turkish Finance Minister Berat Albayrak replaced by Lütfi Elvan
07/11/2020 Election of Joe Biden as US President presents challenges for Turkey
07/11/2020 Turkish Central Bank governor is replaced as Turkish lira plummets
03/11/2020 Death toll from Izmir earthquake rises to 116
28/08/2020 EU threatens Turkey with sanctions over Mediterranean drilling
24/08/2020 Flash floodings creates havoc in Turkey’s Black Sea province of Giresun
12/08/2020 Increase in Covid-19 cases threatens flow of tourists to Turkey
11/07/2020 Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) holiday starts on July 30th
10/07/2020 Turkey turns iconic Hagia Sophia museum into mosque
05/06/2020 Economist recognises Turkey’s success in coronavirus crisis
24/05/2020 Turkey's normalisation timetable after coronavirus lockdown
24/04/2020 Turkish populace celebrate national day from their balconies
23/04/2020 The holy month of Ramadan will start tomorrow April 24
11/04/2020 Turkey’s last minute curfew announcement causes mayhem
04/04/2020 Turkey tightens up control over movement of its citizens
30/03/2020 Turkish govt lacks transparency in coronavirus reporting
23/03/2020 Turkey's further stringent measures to combat coronavirus
21/03/2020 Coronavirus deaths rise to 21, confirmed cases to 947 in Turkey
18/03/2020 Turkey’s first 2 deaths as coronavirus cases jump to 191
17/03/2020 Coronavirus outbreak puts terrible strain on Turkish economy
16/03/2020 Turkey brings in more measures to counter coronavirus threat
14/03/2020 Turkey halts flights to and from nine European countries
06/03/2020 Erdoğan and Putin agree Syria ceasefire at meeting in Moscow
01/03/2020 Turkey opens its borders for migrants to enter Europe
28/02/2020 At least 33 Turkish soldiers killed in Syrıan airstrike in Idlib province
26/01/2020 41 confirmed dead in 6.8 earthquake in Turkey’s eastern provinces
16/01/2020 Turkey lifts ban on Wikipedia
09/01/2020 Opening of TurkStream gas pipeline inaugurated in Istanbul
27/12/2019 Turkey unveils its indigenous car to the public
21/12/2019 Tender for Canal Istanbul project to be offered in coming weeks
21/12/2019 Trump signs defence bill including sanctions against Turkey
14/11/2019 Trump-Erdoğan summit confirms the status-quo
23/10/2019 President Trump lifts sanctions imposed on Turkey
22/10/2019 Turkey and Russia agree on Turkish “safe zone” in Syria
15/10/2019 US imposes sanctions on Turkish ministries and ministers
09/10/2019 Turkey launches attack on Syrian Kurdish forces
08/10/2019 US President Trump threatens to “obliterate” Turkey’s economy
25/09/2019 President Erdoğan presents case for safe zone in Syria at UN
07/08/2019 Canadian gold mine in Turkey causes environmental protests
19/07/2019 Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) holiday starts on August 10th
17/07/2019 US removes Turkey from F-35 fighter jet programme
15/07/2019 EU imposes sanctions on Turkey over its drilling for gas
06/07/2019 Turkey removes its Central Bank governor from office
04/07/2019 Erdoğan–Trump G20 meeting fails to diffuse S-400 unexploded bomb
23/06/2019 Turkey's opposition wins rerun of Istanbul mayoral election
29/05/2019 European Commission publishes very critical report on Turkey
19/05/2019 Turkey celebrates centenary of May 19 Independence Day
17/05/2019 USA ends Turkey’s preferential trade status
07/05/2019 Turkey’s electoral board orders re-run of Istanbul election
05/05/2019 The holy month of Ramadan will start tomorrow May 6
24/04/2019 US ends waivers to 8 countries on importing Iranian oil
01/04/2019 Turkey’s March 31st municipal election results declared
15/03/2019 Turkey and EU meet to appraise relations
13/03/2019 European Parliament votes to suspend Turkey's EU membership bid
05/03/2019 USA to preclude Turkey from preferential trade treatment
05/03/2019 USA considering cancellation of sale of F-35 jets to Turkey
13/01/2019 Trump threatens to “devastate Turkey economically”
19/11/2018 Erdoğan & Putin celebrate offshore completion of Turk Stream
05/11/2018 Turkey has been exempted from USA’s oil sanctions on Iran
29/10/2018 Istanbul’s grand new third airport has opened for business
19/10/2018 New giant oil refinery brings Turkey yet closer to Azerbaijan
12/10/2018 Turkey releases US Pastor Andrew Brunson
29/09/2018 Turkey and Germany try to normalise relations out of necessity
17/09/2018 Turkish President persuades Russia to avert attack on Idlib
28/08/2018 Macron sees strategic partnership, not EU accession for Turkey
17/08/2018 Turkish Lira falls back to TL 6 to dollar following Trump’s tweet
15/08/2018 Turkey announces increased tariffs on US products
15/08/2018 Qatar pledges USD 15 billion in direct investment to Turkey
14/08/2018 President Erdoğan announces boycott of US electronic products
10/08/2018 Turkish lira slumps as Trump doubles steel & aluminium tariffs
07/08/2018 Turkish lira volatile as Turkey / US relations deteriorate
04/08/2018 Turkey to retaliate by sanctioning two US officials
02/08/2018 US sanctions Turkish cabinet ministers over Brunson arrest
23/07/2018 Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) holiday to last 9 days
19/07/2018 Turkey’s state of emergency to be replaced by anti-terror law
13/07/2018 Turkey and Greece agree to try to reduce tensions in the Aegean
09/07/2018 President Erdoğan announces his new Cabinet ministers
29/06/2018 EU to give 2nd Euro 3 billion to Turkey for Syrian refugees
25/06/2018 Erdoğan elected president of Turkey’s new regime
25/06/2018 Ruling AKP largest party in Turkish parliamentary elections
12/06/2018 Turkey’s new energy lifeline TANAP starts operating
21/05/2018 USA appears to be biding its time with Turkey
17/05/2018 Israel’s tourism minister advises Israelis not to go to Turkey
15/05/2018 The holy month of Ramadan will start tomorrow May 16
05/05/2018 Four opposition parties set up National Alliance for elections
01/05/2018 Turkey’s USD 5.9 billion incentive package before elections
19/04/2018 Turkey calls for early elections to be held on June 24th, 2018
18/04/2018 European Commission criticises Turkey in its progress report
18/04/2018 Turkey extends state of emergency for seventh time
03/04/2018 Erdoğan and Putin attend ground-breaking ceremony for Akkuyu nuclear plant
28/03/2018 Varna Summit passes with no concrete results for EU – Turkey
18/03/2018 Turkey-backed forces capture Syrian Kurdish town of Afrin
21/01/2018 Turkey’s army enters Afrin enclave in Northern Syria
18/01/2018 Turkey extends state of emergency for sixth time
05/01/2018 Macron says no possibility of Turkey joining EU at present
31/10/2017 KRG hands over Habur border gate with Turkey to Iraq
26/10/2017 Germany pushes to cut funding to Turkey
17/10/2017 Turkey extends state of emergency for fifth time
11/10/2017 Turkey’s diplomatic row with USA endangers bilateral ties
28/09/2017 Turkey again decides to stay on summer time all the year round
27/09/2017 Referendum by KRG in Iraq threatens Turkey’s trade with Iraq
04/09/2017 The beginning of the end for Turkey’s dream in Europe
17/08/2017 Merkel against updating customs union agreement with Turkey
15/08/2017 Turkey’s Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice - Kurban Bayramı) holiday extended to 10 days
27/07/2017 Storm trashes Istanbul for second time in ten days
22/07/2017 Earthquake hits Aegean coast of Turkey & Greece near Bodrum
19/07/2017 Heavy rainfall causes havoc in Istanbul
17/07/2017 Turkey extends state of emergency for fourth time
16/07/2017 Turkey marks the anniversary of July 15th failed coup
09/07/2017 Turkey says it is considering not ratifying Paris climate accord
27/05/2017 Turkey and EU discuss revival of Turkey’s bid to join EU
25/05/2017 The holy month of Ramadan will start tomorrow May 26
16/05/2017 US and Turkey agree to cooperate on fighting terrorism
30/04/2017 Turkey blocks Wikipedia website
18/04/2017 Turkey extends state of emergency for third time
17/04/2017 Turkey’s referendum approves new constitution
12/04/2017 The Economist magazine says West must not abandon Turkey
22/03/2017 Tensions rise further as Turkish President warns Europe
14/03/2017 Row between Turkey and Netherlands blown out of proportion
11/02/2017 Turkey sets constitution referendum date for April 16th, 2017
22/01/2017 New constitution goes to referendum after approval by Turkish Parliament
09/01/2017 Istanbul engulfed in snow as winter descends on the city
04/01/2017 Turkey extends state of emergency for a further three months
01/01/2017 Istanbul nightclub Reina attacked by terrorist – 39 dead 69 injured
22/12/2016 Eurasia Tunnel opens to service in Istanbul
22/12/2016 16 Turkish soldiers killed in clashes with ISIL in al-Bab, Syria
20/12/2016 Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov assassinated in Ankara
18/12/2016 Car bomb kills 14 soldiers and wounds 56 in Turkey’s Kayseri
11/12/2016 Twin bomb attack in the heart of Istanbul kills 44, wounds 155
24/11/2016 European Parliament approves motion to temporarily freeze accession talks with Turkey
23/11/2016 Cyprus reunification talks break down
20/11/2016 Turkish President Erdoğan suggests Turkey joins Shanghai Pact
26/08/2016 The third bridge over the Bosphorus, the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, has been opened
12/08/2016 Turkish President Erdoğan plays off Russia against Nato
10/08/2016 Turkish and Russian Presidents meet to repair relations following Turkey’s apology
05/06/2016 The holy month of Ramadan will start tomorrow June 6
25/03/2016 Turkey’s prestigious economic summit opens in Uludağ, Bursa
23/03/2016 Turkey rushes to meet EU criteria for freeing visa requirement
19/03/2016 Deal finalised between EU and Turkey to curb flow of migrants
19/03/2016 Suicide bomb kills 5 and injures 39 in Taksim, central Istanbul
13/03/2016 Car bomb in Ankara kills 37 and injures 125
13/03/2016 UK Chancellor Osborne says Turkey’s EU membership “not on the cards”
09/03/2016 Turkey and Greece meet following migrant deal with EU
08/03/2016 Turkey makes deal with EU to turn back migrants
04/03/2016 Turkish government seizes largest opposition news group
18/02/2016 Ankara car bomb kills 28 and injures 61 people
15/02/2016 Turkish Army shells YPG Kurdish militia in Northern Syria
11/02/2016 TÜSİAD calls for an end to conflict in the South-East of Turkey
21/01/2016 Mustafa Koç, Chairman of Koç Group, dies of heart attack
20/01/2016 Obama expresses condolences to Erdoğan for terrorist attack on Istanbul
21/12/2015 Expectations for Cyprus peace deal in 2016 still high
19/12/2015 Turkey and Israel start negotiations to normalise relations
17/12/2015 FED interest hike comes as an anti-climax
16/12/2015 Turkey now feeling the heat as it runs out of friends
29/11/2015 Putin orders sanctions against Turkey after plane shot down
25/11/2015 Turkey shoots down a Russian jet over the Syrian border
15/11/2015 Turkey hosts G20 Summit in Antalya
03/11/2015 Return to single-party rule will install confidence in Turkish economy
02/11/2015 AK Party wins back its majority in Turkey’s General Election yesterday
27/10/2015 Turkey has taken Gazprom to court to get price discount for gas
18/10/2015 Can Merkel keep her promises to Turkey in return for help with migrants ?
17/10/2015 Turkey starts supplying water to Northern Cyprus via undersea pipeline
17/10/2015 Turkey has launched its TURKSAT 4B communications satellite
15/10/2015 EU strikes deal with Turkey over migrants
13/10/2015 Two suicide bombs leave 97 dead and hundreds injured in Ankara
08/10/2015 NATO prepared to defend its member Turkey against Russia
06/10/2015 Russian jet violations of Turkish airspace poses danger of conflict
06/10/2015 Turkey warns about deterioration in economic ties with Russia over Syria
23/09/2015 The Sacrifice Feast starts today and cities are emptied of people
23/09/2015 FT article sees risk of Turkey descending into chaos
23/09/2015 Flooding devastates Turkey’s Bodrum resort
23/09/2015 Europe recognises that Turkey needs help with the Syrian refugee problem
11/09/2015 14 policemen killed in PKK attack in İğdir, southeast Turkey
09/09/2015 Turkish newspaper Hürriyet building attacked by angry mob
07/09/2015 Sixteen Turkish soldiers killed in PKK attack in southeast Turkey
05/09/2015 Turkey hosts the G20 business group conference
25/08/2015 Turkey to go to new early elections on November 1st 2015
24/07/2015 Turkish jets strike targets in Iraq and Syria
21/07/2015 Horrific suicide bombing in Turkish town of Suruç kills 32
17/06/2015 The holy month of Ramadan will start tomorrow June 18.
17/06/2015 Former Turkish President Süleyman Demirel passes away aged 91.
10/06/2015 Turkey’s General Election results indicate that either a minority or a coalition government will be formed
08/06/2015 AK Party lost its majority in Turkey’s General Election yesterday
27/04/2015 New Turkish Cypriot leader seeks a solution for the Cyprus question
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