Doing Business In Turkey

Doing Business in Turkey - Mazars

Mazars Turkey, one of the top 5 audit and accounting firms in Turkey, has prepared its Doing Business in Turkey 2019 report, a survey of the legal and business environment in Turkey. 

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How to do business in Turkey ? Deloitte Investors’ guide

Deloitte Turkey, together with DEİK (Foreign Economic Relations Board), have prepared their guide to doing business in Turkey as of November 2014. Click here for full report

For Deloitte's International Tax - Turkey Highlights 2018 report,   click here 

Investment in Turkey 2019 KPMG Tax Services

KPMG Turkey has published its “Investment in Turkey - Tax Services 2019” report which aims to provide a general outline of the Turkish tax and business environment in which foreign investors consider investing and doing business in Turkey. It reflects developments to May 2019. 
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For KPMG's Turkey Country Profile (February 2019) which outlines the key tax factors for efficient cross-border business and investment involving Turkey click here

ISPAT, the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency, is the official organization for promoting Turkey’s investment opportunities to the global business community and providing assistance to investors before, during and after their entry into Turkey. In its website, ISPAT has detailed studies of the characteristics and environment of the Turkish economy to assist potential investors in Turkey.  
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The UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office has prepared a guidance, updated as of June 2nd 2017, regarding business risks for doing business in Turkey. Click here for full report

The British Government's overseas trade and investment department UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) has also sponsored a doing business in Turkey guide. Click here for guide

Doing Business in Turkey PwC

PwC, international consultancy company, has prepared as of October 2015, an enlightening study of doing business in Turkey, including a Turkish market overview and detailed analyses of the legal and tax environments in Turkey. Click here for report

Doing Business 2019 - Training for Reform - Turkey Economy Profile - World Bank

The World Bank has published its “Doing Business 2019 – Training for Reform - Turkey Economy Profile” report on October 31st, 2018. This report provides a very useful insight into the environment for establishing companies and doing business in Turkey. Click here for report

The World Bank summarises its Doing Business data for Turkey in its DOING BUSINESS – Turkey page, which shows the latest rankings for the ease of doing business in Turkey. Click here for Turkey page of World Bank's DOING BUSINESS listing

Turkey’s net minimum wage has been raised 21.56% to TL 2,825.90 (USD 380) as of 01.01.2021       Migration communication helpline 157 available for foreigners in Turkey       Read our homepage articles on developments in the Turkish economy       Turkey’s official annual inflation rate increases to 17.53% in June 2021       Turkey’s official unemployment rate decreases to 13.2% in May 2021       Read our BUSINESS section for latest sectoral and corporate news       Turkey’s population is 83,614,362 as of 2020 yearend       Foreigners visiting Turkey in 2020 falls by 71.7% to 12.7 million       Turkey’s private sector foreign debt is USD 173.9 billion as of 2020 yearend       Turkey’s economy grew by 1.8% in 2020       Foreign Direct Investment inflow to Turkey was USD 7.7 billion in 2020